Snack Tables

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Snack Tables
Made of canarywood with a polyurethane finish.
Top View
The couch in the den needed some sort of end table, but on either side is a passageway. Thus, room is limited. I got the idea to make just small little tables, and leftover wood as a result of a snafu in the Frame and Shelves project provided just the right amount necessary.
The snafu in the Frame and Shelves project was that it started with 12 different types of wood, but it turned out that two of the wood types (redheart and canarywood) has too much warping in the long pieces to make them feasible. Problem was that I had already rough cut all the pieces from the boards. So I had these longish, thin strips of these two types of wood leftover. I was luckily able to utilize the canarywood to make these tables. The redheart was used for the Decorative Table and Picture Frames projects.
I was somewhat constrained by the existing dimensions of the precut canarywood. However, the final design and dimensions are quite nice. Their size makes them so portabel that they quickly can be (and are) used throughout the house for special purpose assignments.
Miscellaneous Notes/Thoughts
  • I am somewhat uncertain exactly what canarywood is, or if this wood is it. The store I bought it from labelled it as this, but web searches turn up little that looks like this. I think it is probably very informal name for some other type of wood.
  • Tough certainly not designed to support a lot of weight, I've seen people sit on these tables with no ill affects on them