Decorative Table

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Decorative Table
Made of redheart legs and frame, with a top having s pattern of 12 different woods arranged in a striped checkboard pattern. Polyurethane finish. Size is about 17" width, 24" length and 14" height.
After finishing the Frame and Shelves project, I had dozens of strips of wood that were 8 inches long and about 1/4" square. These strips were from the notched cutout for the glass in the picture frame portion of that project and consisted of 12 different types of wood: cherry, red oak, koa, mahagony, teak, canary wood, walnut, redheart, padauk, bubinga, purple heart, wenge.
Closeup of Table Top Pattern
I decided to glue them in the pattern shown in the picture to a 1/4" piece of plywood. After pondering what to do with this, I decided on a table.
The Frame and Shelves project started with those 12 different types of wood, but it turned out that two of the wood types (redheart and canarywood) has too much warping in the long pieces to make them feasible. Problem was that I had already rough cut all the pieces from the boards. So I had these longish, thin strips of these two types of wood leftover. I was luckily able to utilize the redheart to make the frame for this smallish coffee table with this fancy multi-wood top. The canary wood was used for the Snack Tables project.
Miscellaneous Notes/Thoughts
  • I am exceedingly unhappy with the finish on this. I believe that I was using polyurethane that had exceeded its shelf-life and the result was a dull, milking color.