Picture Frames

Tony's Woodworking Projects

Both Frames
Made of redheart wood with an oil finish. Each is approximately 18" x 14".
Hallway: Frames and Bench
Over the years I came to received two very nice old-motif maps. An Ireland one from my mother an a Ceylan one from a Sri Lankan friend (Ceylon is the old name for Sri Lanka). I'd been planning to make frames for them and put them in my hallway for about 4 years before actually constructing them.
The material for these frames goes back to the Frame and Shelves project where there was redheart wood that was rough cut to size and then not usable. Most of this redheart wood went into the Decorative Table project, and the remaining longer lengths went into these frames.
Miscellaneous Notes/Thoughts
  • The frame sizes were custom cut to match exactly these maps. They are close, but not identically the same size.
  • Because the frame corners join on end-grain, I did not want to use wood glue for it (poor holding strength on end-grain). So I used something called "ultimate glue". It was polyurethane-based and I was impressed wiht the job it did. I could not manually pull them apart with a decent portion of my strength.