Psychedelic Acrylic

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Acrylic Painting (1980 or 1981)
Acrylic paint, 5 colors, 2 ft. x 3 ft.
I had a largish piece of cardboard (2 ft by 3 ft) that was the backing for some drawing paper I had used up. Somewhere in between working on my wall murals in acrylic paints (see here, here, or here), I decided to do a stand-alone painting that mimics a famous Warhol psychedelic of John Lennon. I believe I did this a few months after John Lennon was murdred, but I am not quite sure exactly, could have been as much as a year or so later. To produce this, I took a very mechanical and methodical approach, acting more like a human photocopier than an artist. However, the result is almost indistinguishable from the original (around the eyeglasses is the worst part).
I gave this to my uncle, who had it hanging in his house, since I had no place in my own room to put it (too many murals and posters already there). He had it for many years, and it got a little soot on it from his coal fireplace. Sometime in the 1990's I got it back from him, since I now had more than one room, and am still in possession of it. It hangs in my home office now. I still have not done anything to clean off the soot marks though. It could use a new frame too.
View from below
View from side