Yellow Submarine Mural

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Yellow Submarine Mural
Part of Mural Template
The Pink Floyd Wall Mural is what started me painting directly onto the wall of my bedroom, but if one mural was good, then lots of murals were better. Since I was actually a bigger Beatles fan than Pink Floyd fan, this was the natural next mural theme direction to go in. This was the second mural I worked on, which was necessitated by my reducing the scope of "The Wall" mural (see this discussion for why I did that). Being a cartoon, this was a good simple project and would add a lot of colors to the wall.
The Yellow Submarine cartoon is very entertaining. The Beatles actually had very little to do with making this cartoon. It is their music that serves as the soundtrack, but it is not their voices and and the only time they spent on it was to record a 5 minute segment which appears at the end, which you can tell was not one of their beter efforts. Even the album soundtrack is only half Beatles songs, with the other half being instrumentals composed by George Martin. Still, I like the movie, and I liked the mural.
At right is the template I used when making this mural. I would often draw on paper, then transfer it to the wall, since this was easier and more comfortable.
Closeup - Full Mural
Closeup - Mural Center