Beatles' Revolver Album Mural

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Revolver Mural
Incompleted Mural
The Pink Floyd Wall Mural is what started me painting directly onto the wall of my bedroom, but if one mural was good, then lots of murals were better. Since I was actually a bigger Beatles fan than Pink Floyd fan, this was the natural next mural theme direction to go in. I actually did the Yellow Submarine Mural first, but then later decided to do the Revolver album cover, which was a lot more challenging.
Unlike all the other murals, this was not done in colored acrylic paints, but was done with some permanent markers and some carefully selected cutout pictures. The original album cover is a combination of drawings and a photograph collage. I was not gooiing to draw the photograph parts, so opted to try to find pictures that were reasnable matches to what is on the album art work. I had a zillion Beatle books, magazines and other sources of pictures, so I methodically went through them to match up poses, sizes, people, etc. I cut out the pictures and glued them to the wall in places to match the album.

Below are closeups of the partially completed and completed versions. The green spots are something the photographs picked up over the years. Note the clever way I omitted using the "Parlaphone" logo record company that was on my original album cover (I had the English import). It is the circular design element in the middle just above the word "Revolver" where the logo would have been.