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What is rotisserie baseball and what does it have to do with me? It is a fantasy baseball league for people who probably care a bit too much about baseball. However, better to talk about baseball, than to worry about your hair-do or someone else's hair-do. The basic idea of rotisserie baseball is that you get a bunch of people together (usually guys, but not exclusively) before the baseball season begins and auction off the major league players, entirely without their consent. In this way you form your own baseball team, made up of players from a bunch of, usually different, major league teams. As the real baseball season progresses, you get points based upon how the players you bought perform. You get fame and glory (or at least a bit of an ego boost) at the end of the baseball season if your team performs better than everyone else's team.

I have run one of these leagues from 1989 to 2004, mostly because I am stupid. However, it does have its moments. This league is not currently active, but maybe someday we will resurrect it.