Tressle Table

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Tressle Table
Made of pine, walnut stained (originally), polyurethane finish, with inlayed of walnut and maple checkerboard.
Side View
Wood shop, 7th or 8th grade. This was my first woodworking project, done in the context of this class. I do not remember being overally interested in the project, but I certainly remember a whole lot of things from having built it. I think this just confirms that if you want to teach people, have them actively work at something: don't bore them by lecturing while they passively tune out. I still use this table to this day.
The inlayed checkboard has a neat trick to it that I remembered to this day and which I employed again on the Benches project. The trick is that you never actually cut out little squares. You cut out strips, glue alternate pieces together, then cut them the otherway to give you new strips. Flip every other one an dreglue and you have a checkerboard. I got extra credit for doing this.
Miscellaneous Notes/Thoughts
  • In routing out the top for the checkerboard, I made one major mistake, which resulting in a bit of woodfiller being applied.
  • I refinsihed this table in 2010. See Tressle Table Redux.