Tressle Table Refinish

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Refinished Tressle Table
Made of pine, medium red mahogany stain, high gloss polyurethane finish, with inlayed checkerboard.
Layout of all table parts
This table was made a long, long time ago (see the Tressle Table Project Page) and the finish was not great even when first completed. The table was a bit of an eye sore so we avoided putting it in public places, but it was very handy to use in the living room. I decide to strip it down to the bare wood, re-sand, re-stain and re-polyurethane it so we could repectably make this part of our living room furniture. It also allowed me to fix a bunch of the imperfections and bad sanding jobs I did back in my young and ignorant days. The existing finish came off pretty easily by just sanding (no need to resort to chemical strippers). The end result was a big improvement.
Completed Refinish