Unfinished Murals

Tony's Art Projects

The Pink Floyd Wall Mural is what started me painting directly onto the wall of my bedroom, and I was never at a loss for ideas for my next mural. While I fully completed 3 murals, I also had 3 partially completed ones by the time my teenage years ran out. Below are the pictures and stories that remain.
Wish You Were Here Album Sticker
Wish You Were Here Sticker
Partially Completed
Back in the days of vinyl, it was a really cool album if it came with some goodies. A poster was a typical treat. The Beatles White Album had a poster and four individual pictures. Sgt. Peppers came with cardboard cutout dolls. Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon came with a poster and two stickers. So aside from album cover art itself, these extras were also good candidates for murals.
In this instance, I decided to use the sticker that came on Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here album, which would be a lot simpler than trying to do a mural of the cover itself which was neat, but an actual photograph. What you see at right is as complete as it ever got and it is the only one of the partially complete murals that I have any decent pictures of. This was located directly above the Revolver Mural. You can see the original sticker taped to the wall on the lower right which is what I was using for reference.
Book of Dreams Album Cover
Book of Dreams Album Cover
Snippet of Partially Complete Mural
Steve Miller Band's Book of Dreams is great album and the album's artwork is really nice. I liked it so much I decided to try doing a mural of it, despite it being difficult. It has a realistic horse (Pegasus really) and a ton of colors, shades and blends. It took a lot of trial and error to get the colors right. In This Picture from the Revolver Mural, you can see this colorful and stylish spelling of my name in the lower right. This was the test area where I would blend colors and experiment for this mural.
Unfortunately, I guess because it was not completed, I never thought to take a picture of it. I happend to get a piece of it in one of the pictures I was taking of the completed The Wall Mural, which I cropped and enlarged at right. I would say that this was probably a little more than halfway completed. This was located directly below the Revolver Mural.
John Lennon's Shaved Fish Album Cover
Shaved Fish Album Cover
Test Drawing
No pictures of this mural survived. It was an ambitious attempt to reproduce the album cover to a greatest hits collection of John Lennon songs called "Shaved Fish". At the right you can see the album cover and a test piece I did for one of the "cells" of the album cover. This was located below a window, just to the right of the (unfinished) Book of Dreams Mural (see above). At its most complete, I believe I had on two of the cells done and and had rough pencil sketches for one or two more. It was not much to look at, which is why I probably never thought to take a picture of it.