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This page is complementary to the main ARC Console Web Page, so refer to that link first if you do not know what this is all about.
Notes and Commentary
  • This skin actually contains a copy of all the "classic" skin files with modifications for this new skin. I tried to leverage as much of the existing ZoneMinder code as possible. I was also motivated by the hope that one day this might become part of the standard ZoneMinder offering, so wanted to set everything up in a way that would make it easy to integrate in with the standard "classic" skin.
  • If you are interested in modifying this or exploring how the code works internally, start with the comments at the top of the file skins/arc/views/js/arc-console.js. This outlines the theory of operation and is the best starting point.
  • This was my first experience in the ZoneMinder skin code, so I am sure that I might not be doing thing in the easiest or most efficient way. Though I have tried to keep things organized the way ZoneMinder skins are organized, there could be some places I missed when I did my cleanup. There is also a lot of extraneous code I've included since I did not have time to do a full audit of what I did and did not need, so erred on the side of inclusiveness.
  • There are some useful debug flags in the file skins/arc/skin.php should you want to dive into modifying this.
Testing Grid
Though I only had one ZoneMinder install server to test this on (Ubuntu 12.04 and ZM v1.27), I did have a number of client devices to test combinations of OSes and Browsers. Here's a grid of things I have done, or can do testing on.
Platform Firefox Chrome Safari
Ubuntu 12.04 v.16 v.29 N/A
OS X 10.5.8 v.16 v.21 v.5.0.6
OS X 10.6.8 v.22 v.29 v.5.1.9
Nexus 10/Android v.4.3 Yes Yes N/A
Note the absence of any MicroSoft browsers and OSes. I do not use these so do not have any to use for testing.
Versions and Release Notes
Version 1.2 (Latest)
ARC Console v.1.2 Download Link (GitHub)
  • Updated for ZoneMinder version 1.27
  • Fixed alarms going into infinite loop when event id sequence numbers do not appear time order
  • Added suppressing window resize event during startup
  • Filtering out events that have not yet closed and ensuring UI updates when the event does close.
  • Ensure that only showing monitors set for 'Monitor' and 'Modect' functions
  • Fixed problem with nonModect monitors not properly updating enable button
  • Added link to the "classic" ZoneMinder console
  • Removed a lot of code that was not being used for this skin
  • Fix links to mootools to use ZoneMinder distributed versions instead of Ubuntu package settings.
Version 1.1
ARC Console v.1.1 Download Link
  • Redid the monitoring and signalling to separate out event data signals from camera alarm/alert signals.
  • Added ability to enable/disable cameras.
  • Added better visuals when alarm/alert exists.
  • Added ability to get direct feeds from IP cameras.
Version 1.0
ARC Console v.1.0 Download Link
  • This was the first version I made publically available.
Direct Feeds from IP Cameras
Though I have added the ability for the live camera feeds to come directly from IP cameras, I have not provided any easy way to configure it. To use this feature requires adding the right data lines to the PHP file skins/arc/views/direct-streams.php. The comments in that file, and the examples in there should provide all you need to add your own settings.