Under Sink Shelving

Tony's Woodworking Projects

Test Fitting Dry Assembly
Final Result
Made of 3/4" and 1/2" pine plywood, stained a medium brown color (called "special walnut") to match existing kitchen cabinets.
Rail Closeup During Test Fitting
Under Sink Before Project
Under our sink was a cluttered mess of things, where you could not grab any one thing without knocking over 5 other things. This was the combination of too much junk, too hard to access and a warped cabinet bottom. I got the idea of using sliding shelves as a way to firm up the foundation and allow accessing things in the back without having to reach over everything. This project began just about the time the sanding was being completed on the Long Benches project.
Under the sink is a lot of stuff going on. There's the requisite plumbing, a cleanout, extra plumbing for the dishwasher, extra plumbing for the fridage and the sink grinder. This dictated the geometry of the shelves in terms of the depth of each area and the height of things that could be put in each drawer. In the end, 3 separate drawers were made, and the frame would accomodate the existing obstacles. right.
Raw parts Being Sanded
Having been deep into the Long Benches project for many months, withs its precise requirements of dimensions and finish quality, this project was relatively easy and came together in a few hours. I was able to design and build it in one Sunday afternoon, then took the follwoing weeknights to sand and polyurethane it. It was polyurethaned as the same time as the Long Benches.
Drawer Rail Hardware
Drawer After Polyurethane
Parts Drying with Long Bench Parts