Night Stand

Tony's Woodworking Projects

My Copy
Made of 1" x 6" (medium grade) pine boards and polyurethane finish.
My Copy
I received a bonus at my job which happened to be aligned with my desire and budget for a table saw. Previous projects using a circular saw, and the lack of precision that resulted, made me yearn for this. Now having a garage, I had the space.
As a first project to get used to the table saw I decided to make a matching night stand to our existing bedroom furniture, which was originally designed for a twin bed and not a double bed (i.e., there was only one night stand). Not knowing much about the type of wood the original was made of, and having a bunch of 1" x 6" pine board available I embarked on a project of making an exact duplicate of the original.
The final result is impressively similar in construction, but the differences in wood and the wood dimensions makes the overall match a little bit of a stretch. They match if you only look at one of them at a time.
Miscellaneous Notes/Thoughts
  • It was this project that taught me the lesson on the importance of using quality wood. To put all that precision and work into making this, only tqo have the wood make it look mediocre made me realize that the wood cost is a very small part of the overall cost, especially with regards to the final satisfaction.