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Tony's Woodworking Projects

Raw wood for project
After sitting on this project (and the wood) for 5 years while I worked way too hard for an Internet startup, I abandoned this project. Nowadays (circa 2010), as I did with the Home Theater Project, your TV should hang on the wall and the A/V equipment should be out of sight. The wood purchased for it was repurposed for the Long Benches Project.
Proposed to be 8 feet long, 2 feet wide, 20" height. Made of mahagony with an oil finish.
This was planned to be the nicest piece of furniture I have made. It's inspired by designs (houses and furniture) of Frank Lloyd Wright, having cantilevered tops, decorative carvings and slatted sides/back. It would have been made of (Genuine) Mahogany and will be 8 feet long, 2 feet wide and about 30 inches high.
Below are my preliminary scketches.
Front view
Side view