Computer Desk - Version 3

Tony's Woodworking Projects

Main console (middle) portion of desk
Shelves and desk made of 3/4 pine plywood, with 2x4 pine studs and supports for desk surface, and metal brackets for shelf support. Polyurethane finish.
Home ownership means not having to be portable and a license to affix major things to walls. With this in mind, looking for ever more desk and shelf space, I turned the spare bedroom into a wall-to-wall desk with 3 tiers of shelves about it.
Design critera/requirements:
  • all computers and cabling should be off the ground
  • cabling should be out of view
  • monitor and keyboard height should be ergonomic
  • should seat 4 people at computers
  • should support room for 6 computers total
  • should not require extensive damage to walls
  • should be relatively easy to disassemble
  • should be very strong
  • 4 Sliding keyboard trays.
  • 3 computer monitor stands
  • 3 Computer case (dual) holders
  • 8 wiring slots on desktop
  • 60 linear feet of shelf space
  • 20 linear feet of desk space
  • 2 UPS holders/shelves
Miscellaneous Notes/Thoughts
  • used strips of velcro stapled to back, underside of desk as acable management system (works really well)
  • Assembly of the desk took 3 hours...wiring it took 8 hrs
Underside of desk: wiring and UPS holder
Underside of desk: One of three CPU holders
West end of computer desk
East end of computer desk
Support structure of desk