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This is a project that I am actively working on, so will have more to say about it at a later date. This is a system that is meant to integrate all forms of information and controls that a person needs in their life. Currently there is too much fragmentation of systems and information and this puts a lot of burden on a person and they wind up doing a lot work that the computer should be doing for them. They have become a slave to the machine instead of having the machine work for them. Further, every company that offers even a partial solution, wants you to store your information in the "cloud", which is just another way of saying that they want to own and access what should rightfully be your property and for your eyes only. These are two big and important concepts that can easily be solved with today's technology, but are not aligned with the current way that most companies want to do business. The plan is to make a system that focuses on being useful for people, not for corporations.