HDHomeRun Plex Plugin

Tony's Software Projects

This project came about out of necessity after completing the Home Theater Project. I do not have time and/or motivation yet to write all the details of this project so here's the brief synopsis:
  1. Bought this cool piece of hardware to be able to stream broadcast (antenna) feed to any computer: HDHomeRun (from Silicondust)
  2. Need to be able to view this with just button pressed on an Apple Remote (Mac Mini hooked to wall mounted LCD, so do not want to have keyboard or mouse requirement to watch video)).
  3. Candidate platform for viewing Internet delivered video on OS X was Plex, which is a derivative of XBMC.
  4. Plex plugin framework API not bad to learn to write to.
  5. Created plugin for this and it is available HDHomeRun Plex Page.