Master Bathroom Skylight Designs

Tony's House Projects

Location and Specifications
Our master bathroom has an existing skylight that we would like to install some stained glass into. We do not want to block out or reduce the light very much, but simply want to add some color and decoration. The overall bathroom redesign is still under construction, but the ceiling adjacent to the skylight is finished and the below pictures show the context for its placement (click thumbnails for larger images).
Bathroom with skylight.
Skylight closeup.
We plan to install a 1x4 trim edge around the opening which will also serve to support the stained glass. Details of the opening and assumptions about the designs shown below:
  • Inner dimensions of skylight: 21" x 41"
  • Assumed needed spacing/clearance: 1/4" (all 4 sides)
  • Assumed stained glass border width: 1/2" (all 4 sides)
  • Remaining inner working area for glass: 19-1/5" x 39-1/2"
  • Came size width: 0.15" (but could also be 0.125" in places)
  • Colors are just approximations of desired color scheme
Candidate Designs
Name White Background (JPG) Transparent (PNG) Black & White (PNG)
1. Waterlillies ../images/bathroom-skylight/bathroom-skylight.waterlillies.jpg ../images/bathroom-skylight/bathroom-skylight.waterlillies.png ../images/bathroom-skylight/bathroom-skylight.waterlillies-lines.png
2. Martin House ../images/bathroom-skylight/bathroom-skylight.martin-house.jpg ../images/bathroom-skylight/bathroom-skylight.martin-house.png ../images/bathroom-skylight/bathroom-skylight.martin-house-lines.png
3. Oak Park Studio ../images/bathroom-skylight/bathroom-skylight.flw-oak-park-studio.jpg ../images/bathroom-skylight/bathroom-skylight.flw-oak-park-studio.png ../images/bathroom-skylight/bathroom-skylight.flw-oak-park-studio-lines.png