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Laptop Design
Laptop Design (closeup)
This is just a MacBook laptop custom design idea I had a while ago. I never had much need for decorating my laptops, so it remainded just an idea. But when I joined a new company where everyone had an identical MacBook, I thought this was a good opportunity to realize that idea and help make it easier to identify my laptop from among the masses.
The characters are "Apple Bonkers" from the animated film "Yellow Submarine". The Beatles had very litle involvement in this film besides a few minute clip at the very end (and the use of their songs). They did not even provide the voices to their own characters in the film.
The apple stickers are standard things you can buy for MacBooks that cover the lighted Apple logo. The company I got these from actually give you one for all the slightly different sized Apple laptops (three in all). For the Apple Bonkers themselves, I found some images on the web, did a little image manipulated work with GIMP, then found a company that will print stickers of any image you provide. The rest was a matter of laying out the pieces and cutting them out.
As a side note, the Beatles' corporation, Apple Corps, has had an interesting string of lawsuits against Apple Computer, which you can read about in the Apple Corps vs. Apple Computer Wikipedia Page.