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You made a fool of everyone.

Acceptable Corruption

Organized Crime

Apparently, corruption is a relative concept. It seems that if everyone does it, it is not considered corruption. For example, political appointments are quid pro quo for past and/or future favors and not based a person's ability or whether they are the best qualified for the position. This has become part of the system: everyone does it and everyone accepts it as politics as usual. In fact though, this is really a corrupt process. Somehow though, it is never referred to in exactly those terms.

Street Signs

Welcome to Maryland

Another corrupt process that is a pet peeve of mine concerns sign-age. It is a common site to see street signs with some politician's name strewn across it: e.g., "Welcome to Texas, Governor Rick Perry". Why is this necessary?

Politicians waste a lot of hot air about how selfless they are and how they got into politics because they love serving the public. So how exactly does plastering your name on signs help the public? In fact, this costs the public money, since new signs have to be made with each election cycle.

This is nothing more than using the public tax dollars to fund their personal and political agendas. A true public servant would put the public first and not seek glory for themselves. They should view themselves as a caretaker for the public, not the center of attention. When a politician tried to take credit for the entire state and all its history, it exposes their real agenda.

It should be illegal for an elected official to use public funds to promote themselves on public sign-age. It is blatant corruption. So why exactly is this practice tolerated?

"Politics: The conduct of public affairs for private advantage." -- Ambrose Bierce