Anthony Cassandra
P.O. Box 201054
Austin, TX 78720-1054
(720) 213-8669
Email: tony <AT> cassandra <DOT> org
Seeking a technical leadership position with decision making responsibilities. Preference for positions with interesting problems to be solved and working on projects with a direct consumer impact.
CS Disco, Inc.
July 2017 through Present
Software Architect
Austin, TX
Responsible for software architecture, design and development of distributed search and storage systems which support the legal e-discovery process.
Bazaarvoice, Inc.
March 2014 through June 2017
Software Architect / Product Owner / Development Manager
Austin, TX
  • Creator, architect, product owner and development manager of the Universal Product Catalog Program.
  • Architect and developer for product, brand and category matching systems, tools and processes.
  • Supported the Sales and Business Development Teams with data analysis and tools.
  • Created system to measure and monitor client product catalog health.
  • Consulted on system architectures for numerous internal teams.
Skills: Technical management, project management, software architecture, service-oriented architecture (SOA), project planning, strategic planning, Python, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, JSON.
Independent Contractor
August 2013 through Present
Austin, TX
Technical adviser to early and mid-stage start-ups. Architecture design, strategic guidance, requirements acquisition.
Pronto, LLC
March 2005 through March 2013
Chief Technology Officer
New York, NY
On promotion to the role of Chief Technology Officer, I was responsible for a team of over 35 people across 6 different departments. I over-saw the design, development and launch of two new profitable web sites as well as being principally responsible for creating an entirely new product line. The aging, legacy start-up infrastructure was redesigned and upgraded to a service-oriented architecture (SOA) while a major site redesign was in progress. New processes were implemented for planning and managing projects, people and budgets which helped Pronto evolve into a more mature technology company.
Skills: Technical management, project management, technical budgeting, software architecture, service-oriented architecture (SOA), project planning, strategic planning, financial planning, portfolio management.
Chief Architect
Austin, TX
As Pronto transitioned from being a start-up company to more of an operating company, I was promoted to the role of Chief Architect where I was responsible for overseeing all new software system designs and implementations. Additionally, I was the architect and chief developer on our distributed image serving platform, which stored hundreds of millions of images, serving millions of images per day.
Skills: Technical management, project management, software design, software architecture, Java, service oriented architecture, Berkeley DB, Apache Cassandra, PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Perl, XML, JSON, GNU/Linux.
Vice President, Search and Data
Boulder, CO
After many successful development projects, I was promoted to the role of VP of Search and Data which made me responsible for creating, managing and inter-team coordination for all search and data projects and a few search-related, front-end application projects. This meant constant coordination with all our Product, Development, Data Quality, Sales and Marketing Teams. These projects helped to continually enhance the quality of our search and data, as well as improve the site economics resulting in the company reaching profitability within 3 years of its creation.
Skills: Technical management, project management, software design, software architecture, Java, PHP, Python, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Perl, XML, XSLT, JSON, MySQL, SQL, HTML, CSS, Firefox add-ons, DHTML, AJAX, XPCOM, XUL, XPATH, GNU/Linux.
Senior Scientist
Boulder, CO
I was part of the founding team at Pronto, serving in the role of Senior Scientist and working on data mining and data analysis projects. I was one of a team of 4 people that designed and built the entire back-end data analysis and distributed processing pipeline for This system was capable of continually crawling web sites, extracting data, processing feeds and analyzing the data for over a hundred million product offers from tens of thousands of stores each day.
My role expanded to include being responsible for the architecture and project management of the service layer that serves the front-end applications and web sites.and has scaled to handle's traffic of tens of millions of search and product requests per day. I was also the sole designer and developer of the API and server platform for syndicating our product data to external partners.
I was then brought into the web application development team to architect, lead and manage a new initiative for adding social shopping features to's web site. At its peak, this project required coordinating a team of 10 product development people and involved requirements gathering from our Sales and Marketing Teams.
Skills: Feature extraction, Bayesian classification, software design, software architecture, Java, PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, perl, Bash scripting, CRON, SSH, Apache webserver, Tomcat application server, XML, XSLT, JSON, MySQL, SQL, HTML, CSS, Firefox add-ons, XPCOM, XUL, XPATH, DHTML, AJAX, GNU/Linux, system administration, Red Hat.
University of Texas at Austin
May 2004 through June 2005
Research Fellow, Department of Psychology
Austin, TX
  • Research, design and development of mathematical models and algorithms used in human spatial navigation and decision making research studies.
  • US Patent No. 7,620,493, "System, Method and Apparatus for Providing Navigational Assistance", co-authored with Brian J. Stankiewicz, awarded November 17, 2009.
Skills: Research and development, Java, Python, decision theory, probability theory, optimization, navigation aids.
Independent Contractor
May 2004 through January 2005
Austin, TX
  • Design and development of graphical monitoring interface for visualization of distributed agent network communication. Implementation in Java for European Commission Joint Research Centre's as part of EDEN Inland Water Research Project.
Skills: Java, user interfaces, visualizations, message-based systems, agent-based systems.
Telcordia Technologies, Inc.
June 2003 through December 2004
Austin, TX
  • Design and development of statistical models to improve the robustness of military logistics in a distributed agent architecture.
Skills: Java, distributed agents, stochastic modeling, defense industry logistics.
St. Edward's University
August 2002 through December 2004
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Austin, TX
  • Taught undergraduate classes in computer architecture, computer organization, assembly language, software engineering, mathematical optimization, data structures, algorithms, system administration, Java, C++, Scheme, Perl, Python.
  • Planned and implemented computing and network infrastructure for new undergraduate computing laboratory.
TowerJ Corporation
March 2001 through December 2001
Senior Software Engineer
Austin, TX
  • Managed the testing and benchmarking teams.
  • Designed and prototyped management module for a Java Virtual Machine (JVM).
  • Designed and implemented tools for automated testing, benchmarking and performance analysis of JVM.
Skills: Java, Java Compatibility Kit (JCK), JVM instrumentation, Java benchmarking, test automation.
University of Texas at Austin
August 2000 through May 2001
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Austin, TX
  • Taught two semesters of Analysis of Algorithms to third year undergraduate students.
Enetica Solutions Inc.
January 2000 through February 2001
Director of Engineering / Chief Scientist
Austin, TX
  • Director of Engineering during development of the company's first product, including project and personnel management.
  • Gave technical presentations and demonstrations to potential strategic partners, investors and the Board of Directors.
  • Authored eight patent applications and three provisional patent applications.
  • Architect for the company's first product, a development infrastructure for deploying robust distributed applications.
  • Authored both external and internal technical documentation including: business plan, functional specification, architectural documents and user documentation.
  • Designed basic architecture for company's second product, a distributed network management system.
Skills: Java, Perl, C, XML, CGI, Apache Webserver, socket programming, API development, technical management, project management.
Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation (MCC)
September 1997 through January 2000
Member of Technical Staff
Austin, TX
  • Managed research and development projects, including customer relations management.
  • Designed and implemented research prototypes.
  • Ontological reasoning algorithms and data structures for agent brokering in peer-to-peer agent system.
  • Intrusion detection system using peer-to-peer agent system.
  • Complex event processing engine for DARPA (Rome AF Labs).
  • Work-flow process awareness engine.
  • Agent simulation system for doing comparative analysis of agent brokering algorithms.
Skills: Java, XML, agent architecture, API development, XML, technical project management.
Brown University Providence, R.I.
Ph.D. in Computer Science
"Exact and Approximate Algorithms for Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes."
May 1998
Brown University Providence, R.I.
M.Sc. in Computer Science
May 1994
State University of New York at Stony Brook Stony Brook, N.Y.
B.S. in Computer Science/Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Summa Cum Laude
May 1992
Suffolk County Community College Selden, N.Y.
A.S. in Computer Science
August 1990